1 The Technical Loss Ratio

To actualize the loss ratio of 2012 under 8,28% by making investments on the distribution system in order to minimize the technical loss ratio.
2 Standardization

To complete all the standardization regarding the applications in all of our enterprises until the end of 2012
3 Occupational Health and Safety

To ensure that the company personnel take necessary education on "Occupational Health and Safety" subjects and to ensure that they use occupational safety materials at all times by performing supervision.
4 Professional and Personal Development

To give occupational and personal development educations to all of our employees in order to provide quality, uninterrupted and cheerful service for 24 hours.
5 Social Responsibility

To support social responsibility projects regarding improving the life quality of the society living in the areas that we provide services. To actualize MEDAS art gallery that is one of the leading projects supporting art, until the end of 2012.