The Most important instrument of our company resources is "human". Modern Human Resources Management mentality and philosophy are adopted and applied in order to provide flexibility in the line of our company's requirements and terms. Our Human Resources Systems are based on Improvement, Trust, Persuasion, Cooperation, Justice, Recognition, Contribution, Noticing, Effective Leadership concept and philosophy. Within this basic concept, Human Resources Policies aim to;

The Company of Choice To be the preferred company and to maintain the philosophy of right person at the right position by assigning our candidates and personnel to the best suitable positions according to their skills and capabilities in order to reach qualified workforce and achieve persistency,

Motivation and High Efficiency To create High Efficiency, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Improvement, The ability of adaptation to the changes, Discipline and Motivation,

Teamwork To create a team that will generate ideas, have the desire and excitement to complete the works and that will develop good relationships both inside and outside its environment,

Trust and Commitment To have a workforce that is happy from the work and company by improving their trust and loyalty feelings by behaving honest and fairly to our candidates and personnel and caring for them in all of our activities.

Common Ground To utilize from the candidates and personnel efficiently and effectively, to meet the company targets and their happiness at the highest level of common ground,
Personnel Selection Yeni Personel istihdamında Personel seçim ve yerleştirme kararını, sadece görevin gerektirdiği nitelik, beceri ve yetkinliklere sahip olma düzeyine göre vermek,

Personnel Placement To prepare job and personal profiles according to modern Human Resources rules and placing right person to the right job,

Evolution To invest on personnel improvement, to direct personnel to educate and improve themselves and the personnel who may be replaced for their positions by establishing a successive and powerful leader pool,

Performance ManagementTo establish and improve Performance Management System in order to evaluate the success of the personnel objectively and accurately by providing fair opportunities,

Career Goals To direct the personnel into right carrier targets by determining alternative carrier paths and the requirements of expert/administrator positions, by considering that improving the efficiency and productivity in our activities depend on good personnel evaluation and management and a sophisticated carrier planning.

This procedure was formed in order to establish the qualified man power that will carry on the main activities of our Company, to keep the human potential active at all times and to provide the effectiveness on the activity and it will be supported by the procedures and regulations that will be generated.